Men's Bathroom, What it's like having sex with a Korean male (from a post by forxreal from LJ)
Men's Bathroom
What it’s like having sex with a Korean male (from a post by forxreal from LJ)

Brace yourselves guys, This might be the most depressing post ever.

For the love of all that is pervy, I really hope this is not true.

What forxreal said: 

Mar 13, 2011 5:31 PM


I can confidently say that 99.9% of straight Korean males are the WORST sexual partners EVER!

I know two people have had sex with idol(s). One is from the biggest 5 member group, and another is a hottie from a 6 member group.
This is not my PERSONAL experience, but from what they’ve said, boring, boring, boring.
All they do is finish their deed and it’s done. No position switches nothing. Take the lead a little, and they are totally turned off.
In general (generalizations don’t come from thin air) Korean men do not EVER want a female to take lead in sex. (This does NOT apply to Korean-American men)
Taking control of sex means that you are a harlot. A girl being on top is even rarer.
Out of all my friends I think maybe 2 have ever had a guy even go down on them.
The rest of them can’t even imagine it. Sex is not about pleasure for both but just for the man.
Most of my friends don’t even know what a female orgasm feels like. (Quite unfortunate)
Shaving your vag is frowned upon a LOT. This is also one of those things guys think only “whores” do.
A Brazilian wax might as well be a tattoo that says “I sleep with men every hour.” Guys DO NOT like it.
In Japan only one person can be in control of the sex. It’s usually the guy, but girls can also take control too, though rare.
In Korea, there is almost NO WAY a girl will have control when having sex.
It’s REALLY unthinkable. This does not apply to EVERY SINGLE Korean man, but it’s pretty standard, in my opinion.
Sex is so one sided in Korea. It’s about the men and only the men.
So if you have sex with a Korean guy, they are most likely not going to care about whether you orgasm or not.
You will also have a better experience in general, if you act like you don’t know much about sex even if you do.
And if you don’t want the guy to be grossed out and thinking you’re a whore, NEVER get a Brazilian.
Lastly, I would like to make it clear that this does not apply to all Korean men. (None of this applies to Korean American men)
There are Korean men that different, but from persona experiences and having girl talk with friends, this is the general consensus.
So if you want to have sex with your favorite idol, if he’s Korean raised, start growing out your bushes.
Oh and none of this applies to you if you are not Asian. They are more forgiving and “understanding” if you are Caucasian”.

GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Listen. Alright now number one, just like our followers should take this post with a grain of salt, you should take my answer with a HEFTY grain of salt as well. BUT this has been sitting in our inbox for a while and I thought I might tackle it with a little bit about my own experience, and some of my own two cents. We’re probably going to be receiving an inbox shitstorm after this but idegaf.


So I can’t say that I’ve been with a LOT of Korean dudes, and I’ve only ever been with one legitimately from Korea, and my own experience…

was one HELL of a different story.

Other than him leading the way into sex it was basically like a push and pull kind of thing. He let me take care of him, and uh….. I was HEARTILY reciprocated for my own actions.

The boy ladies and gentleman, was extremely generous in the reciprocation department so I’mma just check off that myth right now.

And yes, I am Caucasian my experience may be different from someone elses, and yes I’m only speaking from one legit Korean guy experience rather than pulling from a whole load of experiences, and YES there’s no real way to judge whether or not my bedroom safari was some kind of a fluke. BUT. Number one… I was on top for a good portion of the rest of the night. (check mark 2)

Admin K you may rejoice now, knowing your penchant for girl on top.

Number two, I’ve had experience with “pretty boys” as well as more average dgaf guys and let me tell you, it’s rough going usually when the guy is hotter/more fit than you. Once again, I don’t wish to generalize, I’ve experienced the opposite from some PRIZE specimens don’t get me wrong…

/le reminisces about my Korean safari partner’s arms for a minute

/gets hot

/shakes and fans self

/makes note to fap later…

ahem where was I?

but in my pervy experience I’ve got to say that USUALLY, guys who feel slightly more inadequate than you, or guys who feel like they need to prove something in general are better lovers. They want you to feel as deliciously satisfied as they are. IN MY EXPERIENCE (so like I said, take my experience as you shall, this is not the end-all-be-all say in the matter) pretty boys (probably like most idols) think that they are better than you (for whatever reason) and may feel like they are settling with you for the night. Thus, that’s when you get those really shitty lovers who do the deed, fuck you until they’re satisfied and that’s it. It’s almost like a, “well, you’re the one who wanted my cock so bad, so here you go” kind of thing. 

And not to mar the perfection of our idols which we do “idolize” uh duh, I’m sure there are plenty who get really blown up egos who feel like they are God’s gift to mankind and that any of their sex acts are a blessing unto your vagina. So I don’t want to say this, but idols probably have a good heft of “shitty” lovers in their ranks. I’m just guessing, but that’s my PERSONAL opinion. It’s the same with any really hot celebrities out there. They don’t feel like they owe you anything unless in those really certain circumstances where they want to show you how much of an amazing lover they are, or they sincerely care about you and your own experiences of pleasure.

Now, I don’t want to get into the societal/cultural idea of gender roles and women/men sex roles, because then we’d be here all night, BUT what I will say is things are changing. The youth of Korea is not like the stuffy and conservative members of their older generations much like I as an American am not like my more conservative grandparents who came from the age where people thought homosexuality was a mental illness. And furthermore, to generalize as to what an entire country’s sex life is like, is as useless as generalizing what your own sex life will be like in that country based solely on a tumblr post.

There. I’ve said my piece. Amen or something.

-Admin J

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