Men's Bathroom, PENIS TALK!!!
Men's Bathroom

so… I was bored at work and suddenly Nichkhun’s penis gif popped up into my head as a nosebleed memory [seriously I was just sitting there in front of my computer and my nose started bleeding]

Afterwards I was thinking of my bf’s penis [which is 9inches semi-hard under his pants] - similar to the length of Nichkhun’s in terms of the positioning - so I was literally analyzing it on my computer and came to a conclusion that Nichkhun possibly has a 8inch semi-hard penis meaning 10-11inch when hard IN THEORY

what do you admins think ._. because well… he is pretty much the only one with a lot of commando peen pics unless he pulls his sweatpants down low which nobody does tbh…

Also ~ how long do you think your bias is ;)? admin K and D definitely needs to get down there and do some observations with Kyu and hae xD

HMMM… there is a lot of penis talk going on right now. This is very interesting indeed. I am certainly not sure exactly HOW big Nichkhun is, though I mean…

The boy is certainly packing some kind of Thai sausage down there. As far as saying 10 inches? That’s I mean… WHOA. I’m not putting it past the man, but ten inches is like a damn kickstand. In any event, I certainly would say that Nichkhun is above average in the man parts department. 

As far as my own bias (the other admins are free to put their input into their men’s sizes) I would just like to say that Siwon looks like he would be perfectly ahem… EQUIPPED to get any and all jobs my vagina needs done. Because of his height and the length of his fingers I would say Shisus has got himself adequate plumbing down there. (though pervy population: handy dandy sex ed facts::: number one, penis correlation was shown to not actually match up with a man’s shoe size, but the length of his index finger HAS SOMETHING TO DO with the amount of testosterone needed to produce a similar limb, and number two, only about 10% of women achieve orgasm by penile insertion ALONE. SO. What does this mean?)

It’s not always about the size of a man’s tools, but what skills he possesses when using those tools. And the penis is only one of many tools.

Roll that one around in your mouth for a minute or two.

-Admin J

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