Men's Bathroom

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  1. What is Perving on KPop?
  2. Spams
  3. Asks
  4. Submissions
  5. Name Origins
  6. Icon Identity
  7. Past Spams
  8. Can you make a separate blog to handle asks?
  9. Why don’t you give credit?
  10. Can you recommend a ______ fic for me?
  11. Suggstions
  12. Don’t you feel gross/wrong perving on underage idols?
  13. Female PoK?
  14. Biggest dick in Kpop?
  15. Admin Name Origins
  16. Ultimate Biases
  17. Other Admin Biases
  18. Admin Origins
  19. Admin Ages
  20. Admin Genders
  21. Admin Sexuality
  22. Admin bra/dick sizes?
  23. Admin Selcas
  24. Admin Fandoms
  25. Do the Admins masturbate?
  26. Admin Heights


Perving on KPop began as a joke between Admins M and K stemming from their sexual frustrations brought on by Super Junior. We quickly realised that our “joke” was serious: people loved us and what we posted - they even requested spams! We perv on the entirety of KPop - no KPop idol is off limits. We will take images that you thought were cute and innocent and make them as dirty as possible. Be warned that we can be NSFW [not safe for work] and explicit in our language.

In tandem with our perving on these delicious musical gods and goddesses of Korea, we also provide a safe place for our followers to:

  • perv
  • share fears
  • ask potentially embarrassing questions without feeling judged or alone

We do our best to offer advice, but we are not professionals. Our advice should never be taken in lieu of the advice and assistance of professionals such as doctors, psychologists/psychiatrists, etc…We love you all, but we are not responsible for any consequences incurred should you treat our advice as the advice of professionals.

We also do not and will not promote any of the following:

  • rape
  • abuse
  • poor body image
  • eating disorders
  • unsafe sex
  • unrealistic body goals
  • drug use
  • underage [and unsafe] drinking


All spams are from the requests of our followers - with the exception of our admin birthday spams.

  • We accept spam requests through our spam request tumblr account.
  • Any spam requests sent to the official PoK Ask Box will be deleted.
  • Spams receive a minimum of 10 posts.
  • Submissions are always welcome to help make a spam longer.
  • Spams begin around noon EST and post new content on the half hour - larger spams post more frequently.
  • The “mini spam” requests we receive in our Ask Box are also deleted.
  • The Spam Schedule is posted on our sidebar for your convenience, so please don’t send us asks about when a certain artist will be spammed.


We try to answer asks any time apart from our scheduled spams. Our Ask Box fills up extremely quickly, so have patience in waiting for our responses.

Any negative asks we get will be deleted. We don’t have time for your drama. Such negative asks include:

  • hate toward any admins
  • complaints about the way we do things
  • complaints about our layout
  • hate toward other followers
  • hate toward any idols
  • butthurt whining over whether or not we are politically correct
  • trolling

It our policy to delete any Asks that contain bastardized links [e.g. tumblrurl(.)tumblr(.)com(/)buttsexforever(/)poopballs], so if you have something you want to share with us - SUBMIT IT.

We also delete asks older than a week; asks that are irrelevant; asks that are from old discussions.

  • We prefer that you caption your submissions.
  • Submissions must be properly tagged. If we don’t know the artist/are unable to find it using Google, etc… we will delete the submission.
  • Submissions are generally used to assist in spams. This gives our followers a chance to help in spam making.
  • We reserve the right to correct any grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your submissions.
  • How to submit:
  1. Click “Share Your Fantasy” button.

  2. Choose your submission type by clicking the little triangle arrow next to “Text” and selecting from the resulting drop-down box [skip this step if you’re only submitting text]. For the purposes of this step in the tutorial we will be submitting a photo.

  3. Upload the photo from your computer - since tumblr changed the submission format you can no longer use a URL submission for photo posts; nor can you upload multiple photos. For multiple photos or URL shared photos, see the second photo attached to this step.

    To submit multiple photos do the following as often as necessary:

  4. Add a caption - this includes your #tags.
  5. Check acceptance of “Terms of Submission”.
  6. Click “Submit”.
  7. DONE!
  • How to submit anonymously: Log out, follow the same steps as above, fill in the name and email address below [use a made up name, [e.g. Anon Ymous, etc…] and a made up email [anon@anon.comworks well]

Submissions which are repeats, which contain dead links, or which also contain bastardized links will be deleted.


In an episode of Boys in City 3 with Super Junior, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Shindong, and Kyuhyun had to form a group and decided to name their group “Man’s Bathroom”. This inspired the dirty minds of Admins K and M in naming this tumblr with regard to Super Junior’s interest in men’s bathrooms; thus, the name Men’s Bathroom was born, and pervs the world over rejoiced. Hajime.


Our icon is the ever-delicious happy trail of leader Leeteuk of Super Junior.


Please, before asking us this, either have fun sifting through our archives to find who you’re looking for, or look through our tags.

How to search tags: type + the tag you’re looking for - if what you’re looking for is more than than one word, whatever_it_is_with_underscores. If you can’t find many posts under one artist’s name, try the group they are in or click on their tag at the bottom of the post.

Fortunately we are currently working on a collective “Tags” page which should eliminate this searching hassle.


Some of our followers find it annoying to scroll through our asks; however, we already have a separate blog to handle spam requests, and a separate blog to handle pervy dream submissions. We do not have any desire to stretch our responsibilities any further. PoK is made to be a haven, and splitting it up into too many counterparts takes away from its integrity of being the safe place we have built it to be.


Multiple reasons:

  • A lot of our content is found through tumblr posts which also don’t give credit.
  • This is the internet and a public site. Once something is published on here you basically lose control of what happens with it. That is a fact; not a threat.
  • A lot of our content is submitted by other users who do not provide us with credit to give.
  • Our followers are here to perv on various Kpop idols via images, gifs, videos, audio clips - not to determine who made what gif/took what picture, etc…
  • We are not against giving credit, but we are not making it our job to seek out the origin of everything that is posted on our blog. The only credit-grubbing asks we will give any validity to are ones which link us to the post in question so that we can rectify the situation. Otherwise, if you’re messaging us simply to complain that we don’t give credit, you’re wasting your time because we can’t do anything with an empty complaint.


We can certainly recommend various fics to you. We will not, however, do the following:

  1. Find fics for you [we are not Google]
  2. Write fics for you [We do not have the time - you can, if so desired, proposition an admin through his/her personal tumblr to write fics]


When suggesting something please don’t preface it with “You should…” or “It would be better if…” because it comes off as rude - and we delete rude comments. Honestly suggestions are better made OFF anon to our personal blogs. Coming off Anon and coming to our personal blogs shows us that it’s something you feel strongly about, and it will allow us to answer you privately. Suggestions made in a serious manner will be handled in a serious manner among the Admins. But we don’t put up with petty quibbles, so don’t bother.


With the rise of so many young, new KPop groups, it’s become a concern of many if we should be perving on such young idols. The answer is simple: we don’t choose who to spam - we trust that the people requesting the spams of young/underage idols are also young/underage. Often times we don’t even write the captions of these underage idol spams, and when we do, we like to write those captions from the point of view of our readers. In other words, we don’t write the captions from the burning desires of our own loins - none of us are interested in jail bait. However, many of our followers are the same age as these idols - we won’t ignore the fact that sex drives exist in those who are under 18. We won’t punish our younger followers by denying them spams because we’re “too old” for their biases.


There has been a PoFKPop made - the only wherefore we can infer is that we don’t get enough female spam requests. We offer equal perving opportunity here - being willing to perv on anyone in the Kpop world [sex be damned!]. We Just happen to get more male spam requests. We are in no way affiliated with the female PoK blog.


We’ve come to a consensus that our definitive list of the biggest dicks in Kpop are, as follows:

  • Yunho of TVXQ
  • Onew of SHINee
  • Leeteuk of Super Junior
  • Sungmin of Super Junior
  • Yesung of Super Junior

  • Admin M: Mimi [Zhou Mi] of Super Junior-M
  • Admin K: Kyuhyun, the maknae of Super Junior
  • Admin D: Donghae of Super Junior
  • Admin H: Hero [Jaejoong] of DBSK
  • Admin J: The J stands for her first name [but could also refer to her love for Siwon - her ultimate bias - who, in turn, loves Jesus. BAM!]
  • Admin Q: also Kyuhyun [homophonic reference]
  • Admin T: Taemin of SHINee
  • Admin X: the ‘X’ refers to the fact that she has many biases which are constantly changing
  • Admin Oppa: Received his name from the pervy population
  • Admin Thick and Juicy: a joke between J, T, K, and himself.
  • Admin B: Xiumin’s nickname


Most of the Admins’ ultimate biases are related to their names, but here is a list anyway:

  • Admin M: Zhou Mi of Super Junior-M
  • Admin K: Kyuhyun of Super Junior
  • Admin D: Donghae of Super Junior
  • Admin H: Jaejoong of DBSK
  • Admin J: Siwon of Super Junior
  • Admin Q: Eunhyuk of Super Junior
  • Admin T: Taemin of SHINee
  • Admin X: an erratic plethora of biases, though she might say Siwon of Super Junior
  • Admin Oppa: IU; Suzy of miss A; Sulli of f(x)
  • Admin Thick and Juicy: Male: Yunho of TVXQ; Female: Yuri of SNSD
  • Admin B: it changes, but she might say Chanyeol of EXO


In this answer you will see the biases for each admin for the groups that they have biases in. If you do not see a group listed, then that admin does not have a bias in that group.

  • Admin M
  1. Super Junior: Leeteuk or Sungmin
  2. Super Junior-M: Zhou Mi
  3. BIGBANG: G-Dragon
  4. SNSD: Sunny and Hyoyeon
  5. miss A: Jia
  6. 2NE1: Bom
  7. Teen Top: Niel
  8. TVXQ: Yunho
  9. SHINee: Minho
  10. f(x): Amber
  11. U-KISS: Kiseop or Eli
  12. B2ST: Dongwoon
  13. Block B: P.O
  14. 2PM: Chansung and Nichkhun
  15. Brown Eyed Girls: Ga In
  • Admin K
  1. Super Junior: Kyuhyun
  2. DBSK: Changmin
  3. BIGBANG: G-Dragon
  4. Lee Minho
  5. Jung Eui Chul
  6. Block B: Jaehyo and P.O
  7. Shinhwa: Hyesung
  8. SHINee: Onew
  • Admin D
  1. Super Junior: Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Siwon
  2. TVXQ: Yunho
  3. MBLAQ: G.O.
  4. f(x): Amber
  5. SNSD: Sunny, Sooyoung, Jessica, Tiffany
  6. miss A: Jia
  7. BIGBANG: T.O.P.
  • Admin H
  1. DBSK: Jaejoong
  2. BIGBANG: Taeyang
  3. U-KISS: Eli
  4. Beast: Yoseob, Dongwoon
  5. Block B: P.O
  6. SHINee: Onew
  7. Shinhwa: Eric
  8. Super Junior: Siwon
  9. 4Minute: Jiyoon
  10. Infinite: Myungsoo
  11. BoA
  12. Rain
  13. Se7en
  • Admin J
  1. Super Junior: Siwon
  2. SHINee: Minho
  3. BIGBANG: T.O.P.
  4. DBSK: Jaejoong
  5. 2PM: Taecyeon
  6. MBLAQ: Lee Joon
  7. U-KISS: Kiseop
  8. B1A4: CNU
  9. B2ST: Kikwang
  10. SS501: Hyun Joong
  11. Infinite: Sungyeol
  12. EXO: Lay, Tao, Kris
  13. BAP: Bang Yong Guk
  14. Rain
  15. Jay Park
  16. Lee Junki
  17. Lee Minho
  18. Jang Geung Suk
  • Admin Q
  1. Super Junior: Eunhyuk
  2. Infinite: Dongwoo
  3. BIG BANG: T.O.P
  4. SHINee: Onew
  5. B.A.P: Jongup
  6. Top: L.Joe
  7. 2PM: Junho
  8. 2NE1: CL
  9. MBLAQ: Seungho
  10. CN Blue: Jonghyun
  11. BEAST: Kikwang
  12. Brown Eyed Girls: Ga In
  13. DBSK: Changmin
  14. Tablo
  15. Simon D
  16. Wonder Girls: Yubin
  17. f(x): Amber and Sulli
  18. SNSD: Sunny and Yuri
  19. 4Minute: Jiyoon
  20. U-KISS: Hoon
  21. EXO-K: Suho and Chanyeol
  22. EXO-M: Xiumin
  23. Boyfriend: the Jo twins
  24. Block B: Zico and P.O
  • Admin X
  1. Super Junior: Siwon, Eunhyuk
  2. SHINee: Taemin[’s hair]
  3. DBSK: Yunho, Yoochun
  4. BIGBANG: T.O.P.
  5. 2PM: Nichkhun, Chansung, Taecyeon
  6. MBLAQ: Lee Joon
  7. 2AM: Changmin
  8. Kim Jae Wook
  9. Daniel HEnney
  10. Lee Soo Hyuk
  11. Lee Minho
  12. Joo Ji Hoon
  13. Cha Seung Won
  14. Chen Kun
  15. Sung Ha
  • Admin Oppa
  1. IU
  2. f(x): Sulli
  3. miss A: Suzy
  • Admin Thick and Juicy
  1. TVXQ!: Yunho
  2. SHINee: Minho
  3. SNSD: Yuri, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Tiffany
  4. BIGBANG: G-Dragon, Taeyang
  5. 2PM: Nichkhun, Taecyeon
  6. MBLAQ: Lee Joon
  7. After School: Nana
  8. Kim Bum
  9. F(x): Sulli
  10. DMTN: Simon
  11. U-Kiss: Kevin, Eli
  12. Kara: Nicole
  13. Hyorin
  14. Yuri’s ass
  15. JYJ: Junsu (and his ass)
  16. Super Junior: Donghae, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Siwon
  17. EXO: Kai, Chen, Suho
  18. Rain


All of us were made in the U.S.A.

  • Admin M: Pennsylvania
  • Admin K: Pennsylvania
  • Admin D: Connecticut
  • Admin H: Pennsylvania
  • Admin J: New Jersey
  • Admin Q: Utah
  • Admin T: New Jersey
  • Admin X: Virginia
  • Admin Oppa: New York
  • Admin Thick and Juicy: California
  • Admin B: Nevada

  • Admin M: 26. June 11, 1987
  • Admin K: 26. June 13, 1987
  • Admin D: 24. April 28, 1989
  • Admin H: 24. February 27, 1989
  • Admin J: 23. March 16, 1990
  • Admin Q: 19. September 15, 1994
  • Admin T: 20. April 12, 1993
  • Admin X: 25. February 08, 1988
  • Admin Oppa: 23.
  • Admin B: 22. July 23, 1991


We’re all female - except for Admins Oppa and T+J.

  • Admin M: straight, with a noticeable appreciation of women
  • Admin K: straight
  • Admin D: pansexual, appreciating sexy in all its forms
  • Admin H: straight
  • Admin J: straight
  • Admin Q: straight, also greatly appreciates the female form
  • Admin T: bisexual
  • Admin X: straight, but does not discriminate when making out
  • Admin Oppa: straight
  • Admin Thick and Juicy: depends on my tequila intake. Mostly straight.
  • Admin B: straight

  • Admin M: 34D
  • Admin K: 34C
  • Admin D: 40D
  • Admin H: 36B
  • Admin J: 40DD
  • Admin Q: 36D
  • Admin T: 32G
  • Admin X: 35DDD
  • Admin Oppa: Braless
  • Admin Thick and Juicy dick size is an even bra size exchange, right? 7.5”.
  • Admin B: 36B


Due to their occupations Admins J and Thick and Juicy are unable to share their lovely faces with us. Feel free to imagine your bias when talking to them. ;D


All PoK followers are known as "pervlings" or "the pervy population"; however, as it happens, each admin seems to have developed a following. To help our followers properly fangirl or fanboy, we’ve each named our fandoms.

  • Admin M: Minxes
  • Admin K: Kyuties
  • Admin D: Delightfuls
  • Admin H: Honeys
  • Admin J: Shisters
  • Admin Q: Qunts
  • Admin T: T-easers
  • Admin X: XOXO’s
  • Admin B: pending


We all engage in regularly pleasuring ourselves. All of us greatly support and encourage self-love.

  • Admin M: 5’4” [163.5 cm]
  • Admin K: 5’9” [175 cm]
  • Admin D: 5’2.25”/very proud of that quarter inch! [158 cm]
  • Admin H: 5’4” [163.5 cm]
  • Admin J: 5’11” [180 cm]
  • Admin T: 5’4” [163.5 cm]
  • Admin X: 5’5” [165 cm]
  • Admin Oppa: 6’ [183 cm]
  • Admin TJ: 6’2” [188 cm]
  • Admin B: 5’2” [157.5 cm